Current skin care routine


Oh hey - it’s been a while. I always switch up my skin routine based on the time of year, what my skin is getting accustomed to and my ever changing hormones! I have more products than I know what to do with, so I try my best not to use absolutely everything at once even though that’s hard not to do.

Either way, the weather is changing now and so is my skin! so this is what I am currently using and liking;


ZO Fomacleanse - I mix this with DERMALOGICA Daily microfoliant to give myself a little added scrub and clean feeling.

ZO DAILY POLISH - sometimes I swap this for the microfoliant because it’s a little more aggressive and I like anything intense on my skin.

ELIZABETH ARDEN skin illuminating pads - these are AHA and good for cleaning and brightening the skin!

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE P50 lotion - my favourite product for exfoliating.

ELTA MD - sunscreen! So so so important and if you don’t use one, you are CRAZY!!! you must - helps combat pigmentation, fine lines, and discolouration.

I try to not to use TOO many products in the morning although this probably seems like a lot to some of you - but for me it’s manageable. To be honest I sometimes skip a morning of washing my face at all because there is also a lot of research out there that suggests not messing wit the PH levels on your face in the morning can also be beneficial for anti-aging. I have acne prone skin so I typically do wash my face every morning out of anxiety but once in a while I’ll skip it if I’m looking fresh and clean.


ZO Fomacleanse - mixed with DERMALOGICA Daily microfoliant

ELIZABETH ARDEN skin illuminating pads


VINTNER’S DAUGHTER - Active Botanical Serum - I have a little sample of this so i’ve been mixing it in to see what I think, so far I don’t know? people rave about this product but I can’t say I’m noticing anything life changing, that being said i’ll continue to use it until the sample is gone and then make a call.

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - CREME DERMOPURIFIANTE - this is an amazing product for acne prone skin. It reduces redness and regulates oil production.

That’s basically it - I do switch some products once in a while but I try not to do an overhaul of my skincare overnight because often your skin will react to the massive change and breakout even more! So if you do add in new products, try to add them in slowly - one at a time and use it for at least two weeks before you decide or before you add in another.