The road to our wedding


When Keith proposed it’s safe to say I was SHOCKED. I didn’t have a clue that it was coming—in fact, I was complaining the whole walk haha. In any event, being caught off guard meant that thinking about a wedding wasn’t even on my radar.

We got engaged on December 29, 2017, but had a number of friend’s weddings that summer, so we decided to get married the following year which is now THIS summer. Everyone told me to plan it early so that my hair wouldn’t be on fire leading up to the day.

Well, I’m actually a fairly organized person and I excel in multitasking, so I started planning and got the big things out of the way—like the venue, photographer, DJ, wedding dress and save the dates 10 months before. I decided to do this all without a wedding planner which felt pretty easy in the beginning, but now that more details are surfacing, I’m starting to freak out a bit.

I told myself I wouldn’t go crazy over the whole thing, I really didn’t want to be one of those “bridezilla” gals (not that anyone WANTS to be that way). In the spirit of making things easy, Keith and I decided to do a small wedding party, a cocktail style wedding, and minimal décor.

I’ve gotten us up to this point with the help of (haha) and a lovely gal named Lauren who’s helped point me in the right direction—but I’m now thinking that hiring a local wedding planner or at least month-of coordinator is the best plan. It’s more-so the logistics of the whole event. When does the music start, how do we move people from the upstairs ceremony to the reception etc? I know it’ll all work itself out, and to be honest, if people show up and there is no décor and it’s unorganized then I won’t even care. As long as all the people are there and there is food and alcohol, IM GOOD.

We are about 7 months away from the wedding at this point, so I still think I’m in good standing. Realistically, as with most things in life, I’m trying to not overthink any of it. I know it’ll all be good at the end of the day–I’m not trying to set any records, I’m just trying to have a fun day and marry K1.

That being said, my intended vibe is very minimal. Emerald greens as an homage to my gorgeous ring, white, and black. If you’ve ever been to the Eldorado you know that the venue itself is absolutely gorgeous. You could get away with having almost nothing there and still be blown away. A few people have asked why we’re getting married in Kelowna at all, and to answer the question; it is a special place for us both. We both have family there, but for me, I grew up with one of my best friends Toni in Kelowna. I was like her second sister for years and her family would take me with them every summer which to this day are some of the best memories of my life. A special place for a special time.