Why You Should Get a (new and improved) Hydrafacial

My favourite treatment just got an UPGRADE! The hydrafacial that I haven’t shut up about since my first experience with it used to be a 45 minute treatment (which I thought was amazing), involving glycol and hyaluronic acid and extractions,and left my skin feeling plump, clean, and cute. I didn’t have an issue with the facial at all; that is, until the new model was released recently. Welcome to Hydrafacial 2.0. 


The new and improved signature hydrafacial is now a 90 minute treatment (long, I know) but it really didn’t feel like it at all. I actually don’t like to sit for too long for treatments (i.e.: I don’t even like getting my nails done and always just get a color change and not an entire manicure). That being said, this isn’t 90 minutes dragged out where they do a bunch of fluffy stuff that doesn’t benefit your skin much, let alone your wallet. Prepare to be met with one skin-saver after the next; starting with a customized consultation depending on what your concerns are (aging, acne, etc.). Then you get to choose a “perk” which is either a lip treatment or an eye treatment. The eye one helps with dark circles, puffiness and improves under eye bags; the lip treatment hydrates and plumps those suckers up with some peppermint. Lord knows I got the lip one! Now don’t get it twisted - this isn’t in lieu of lip injections or anything, and it won’t change your life, but lips often get neglected so it was definitely a nice extra. Plus, they send you home with 1/2 a large bottle of the lip treatment – bonus. 


But the major component that makes the facial new and improved is that it now includes lymphatic drainage and LED lights. The drainage is done with a little clean suction pen, which the practitioner drags across your face and down your neck (where your lymph nodes are). I actually get lymphatic drainage massage from a place here in Tsawwassen, and it’s a similar motion just with a tool rather than hands. The LED light is similar to what you may have experienced in a facial with the LED mask, just without the mask. I highly prefer LED without the mask, because something about it being reused just does not tickle me. 


All in all this facial has a lot of new additions and I just wanted to share that I tried it and am really happy with the results! My skin is noticeably more hydrated, and squeaky clean! These treatments are for any skin type, and for any age really. What I benefit from the most is that the Hydrafaical tends to help with my breakouts and keep my skin really clean, so I can avoid breakouts in the first place. 


Lougheed Laser and Delta Laser clinics are actually the first Hydrafacial certified clinics in Canada, at the highest training level that Hydrafacial has to offer. So if you want to try this amazing treatment out, give them a call and tell them I sent you for 20% off! Your life will be changed! JK… sort of.