Why "Taking Care of Your Skin" Isn't Enough


By now, you get it – I am really into skincare, products and treatments. The one thing that I always talk to people about however, is the right make-up for AFTER skincare. 


When I was a teenager, I did a lot of commercial modeling. I have also pretty much always struggled with acne and the occasional really bad breakout. Thankfully it’s never been full-blown acne, but nevertheless it’s 100% been something I think and worry about on a daily basis (well, not as much these days). A makeup artist on one of these modeling jobs used a brand on me called Jane Iredale; explaining how it was good for my skin, a “clean” makeup, hypoallergenic, etc. I just loved the way it looked, but being 15 at the time, spending any amount of money on makeup besides what was available at the drug store was out of the question. 


Years later, in my early twenties, living in Vancouver and going to school for professional makeup artistry, I sought out that same brand, Jane Iredale, and asked to work for them. They ended up hiring me as an educator for a couple of different brands, including Jane Iredale. Essentially, I would go to all the accounts that carried the line and teach tips and tricks on how to use the products, while preaching about how amazing it is. The thing with this line is that it’s typically in the doors of very medically-based treatment clinics – which explains how I got into learning about all the skin treatments, lasers, facials and everything I’m addicted to now. 


What I learned was primarily that there were a lot of women spending a lot of money on this stuff. Lasers, chemical peels, retinols; none of it is exactly cheap, and if you are doing it consistently it most definitely adds up. So, here were these women, spending so much money on keeping their skin clear and healthy, but then going back to the same makeup brands they used before – the same ones that likely contributed to their skin issues to begin with!


Because I was so exposed to the world of makeup while growing up (through dance and performing and my mom, a model herself), I just thought that everyone knew about as much about makeup as I did. What I now realize is that the vast majority of women don’t wear it, get it, or care about it. I’m here to tell you, you SHOULD care. If you want to keep your skin clear and healthy, then top quality skincare products like OBAGI ZO and top quality makeup is VERY important. There’s just no point in spending money getting peels and lasers if you’re going to turn right around and put crap on your face. Jane Iredale, for example, is comprised of high-performance ingredients including being certified organic and natural by Ecocert! Every product is cruelty-free and the SPF in all bases is as as effective as broad spectrum sunscreens. I’m a complete fanatic for this line. I wear the base products and concealer (the ones that sit on my skin), but then go to MAC for shadows and anything with colour.


So, please if you’re going to start “looking after your skin”, keep the whole picture in mind. It’s not just the new face wash or retinol that will change your skin and keep you from prematurely aging, it’s everything you layer on top. Let me know if you have any questions.