Battle of the Brands: Makeup Edition


It’s no secret that when it comes to makeup, Jane Iredale has always been my #1. If you’ve my read previous posts, I talk about it a lot and have been a loyal customer for close to 10 years now. Jane is clean, has great coverage, is healthy for your skin, and never tested on animals! Win, win, win. 


I started to notice that some of my favourite laser clinics were carrying a makeup brand called “Glo”, which of course I scoffed at, “pfff, something better than Jane Iredale? I’m not sold.” And I really wasn’t – I didn’t even try it out for another 5 years after seeing it for the first time. I then met a lovely lady named Amanda, who is not only knowledgable about the brand but SO beautiful. Once I met her, I figured that her skin and makeup looks pretty incredible to me, so I guess I’ll give Glo a shot. 


I went over to her shop Raw Canvas, where she color-matched me and explained what products will work best for me based on the type of coverage I like, the feel and finish I prefer from my makeup.


Here’s what I left with:


Luminous Liquid Foundation: Lightweight, liquid mineral foundation, with medium coverage. It’s formulated with light-diffusing diamond powder and moisturizing agents. 


Pressed Base: This is the top seller apparently, and its a talc-free pressed powder with vitamins A,C,E and green tea extract. Is also has SPF and comes in an array of colors. 


I tried to stick with similar products that I use from Jane Iredale so that I could compare the two brands as easily and accurately as possible. These products can both be used by themselves, or together for extra coverage; I prefer full coverage, so I use them together. It also gives you the option depending on what your skin needs that day (i.e.: if my skin is feeling dry, I will just use the liquid; or if I feel like lighter coverage then I’ll just use the powder.) 


So far, I am LOVING Glo. I’m not saying that my beloved Jane Iredale is out of the picture, because it’s not. But there are a few things about the Glo products that so far, bring them out on top:


  1. The colour! The liquid foundation color initially I thought had too much of a grey tint but after wearing it for the day and seeing my skin in the terrifying sunlight, it actually looked so much more natural! I love the finish and it wears really well all day.
  2. The application of this liquid goes on a lot smoother; the Glow Time liquid foundation from Jane is a bit thicker (it’s also technically a bb cream which are thicker by nature). It’s not like this bothers me, but I find the Glo liquid just a bit easier to put on. 
  3. The coverage of the pressed powder is pretty significant. It seems to have better pigment than Jane,  although I don’t know that for sure. All I know is that when I have a breakout I need to put quite a bit of the Jane on to cover it. 

The brand is also cruelty free!! Woo!! 


Here’s the thing: there are so many great makeup brands out there. I’m sure there are better products when it comes to coverage, wear, and finish, but I am a big believer in being careful of what you put on your skin just like you should be cautious of what you put in your body. 


French fries taste better than kale, but they’re not doin’ you any favours!





Glo - pressed powder

Glo - pressed powder

Glo - Liquid foundation 

Glo - Liquid foundation