My Travel Must Haves


If you have been looking at my Instagram lately, then it’s pretty easy to figure out that I had a good time in Costa Rica recently. 

When I moved to Vancouver and started working at Local, almost all the girls were working there to save money up for travel – but I was definitely not one of them. I’m a huge homebody and completely set in my routine, so leaving the house (never mind the country!) gives me a certain level of anxiety. 


When I met Keith, he really wanted to travel more and soon created his current job (Cavalier), which allows him to see the world! Last year, with a lot of reluctancy on my end, we travelled to Europe together. I finally saw what all the fuss was about! It was a really incredible trip; we went all over Italy and to Paris, and in my next life I’m going to come back as an Italian man who drinks wine and smokes cigarettes all day. Seems fun! 


After that trip, we decided we need to do some more travelling before the whole kids thing happens and we’re locked into real life for a few years. We decided on Costa Rica – we aren’t beach people per se, but wanted to check out somewhere sunny and get out of the dreariness that is Vancouver in late winter. Costa Rica turned out to ALSO be amazing! Hot temps, amazing food, friendly people, very secluded (where we stayed, at least).


So now I’m very into seeing other parts of the world! But my main anxieties have shifted as well, so that my dedication to my fitness and health is going to be thrown off track by travel and cause me to be in a bad mood (and be a bad traveller!) It seems ridiculous to some people, but I’m very convinced I have some sort of obsessive disorder when it comes to this. I actually believe there’s a term for people who are TOO health conscious. I’ve learned over the years to let go of things I can’t control, and to enjoy the moments because soon they’ll be gone and I’ll have been in the corner wondering where I can get a salad instead of making memories with people I love. 


That being said, I’ve figured out there are a few staples that keep me going while I travel so that I can keep my anxiety at bay while still being conscious of the things that are important to me. Here are the items I now can’t travel without:


  1. Probiotics: gut health is everything! And if you’re travelling and eating not so great, these are very important. 
  2. Chlorophyll: I put this in my water bottle, it helps with digestion, and has very strong antioxidant properties.
  3. Mag07: I’ve yet to find this in stores so I order it off Amazon… let’s just say this keeps you very regular while you travel.
  4. Bio Oil: Vancouver is humid so I rarely moisturize but when I travel I always bring this - it keeps your skin hydrated in not so humid areas.
  5. Squalane oil:  This oil is great for all skin types and keeps you really hydrated. If you’re going somewhere sunny - your skin can get drier than usual, so slather this on at night. 
  6. Dry Brush: This might be my favourite thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve been dry brushing daily for about 6 years, and swear by it. It stimulates your lymphatic system, improves circulation, improves digestion, can help with cellulite, and keeps your skin soft. I am obsessed with this product - there is also a specific way in which you are supposed to brush so google that before you go combing yourself. 


So there you have it - my travel essentials… now to get back to my routine. Ciao!