Some of you have been following my journey with LEAN SQUAD, while some of you are probably wondering what the hell it even is!


This post is to explain why I’m obsessed and share more about why I would recommend you jump on it. Here’s the deal: Phil Mackenzie started LEAN SQUAD, his personal training business model, after years as a professional rugby player. Phil has taken to Instagram to market his company and has made a name for himself on the platform (mostly due to his funny cooking videos).  You all know by now that I love a good work out, and am always open to trying new things that get results. Phil happens to work out with some good people that I know, so when I came across his profile a few months ago, I contacted him immediately about trying out the program. 

Essentially it’a a 3 phase workout program, 4 workouts per week - and they focus on high intensity interval training. It includes both cardio in the form of sprints, and high intensity circuit training. The workouts are roughly 45 minutes each, depending how long you take to rest in between, and then my personal program includes one day per week of soul-cycle, which I am absolutely addicted to. I also do one day per week of Oxygen yoga for a good sweat. You can include a meal plan in the program (mine is vegan), and it’s pretty simple to follow - there are options that require more cooking and then options that require just blending - I’m great at those ones. 


I’ve worked out my whole life and am actually a certified personal trainer – so, I’ve tried most programs and types of workouts from crossfit to pilates to yoga. My theme for 2018 is consistency, and I felt ready to try out a new program and commit fully to see what the outcome would be.


I am now in week 9 of LEAN SQUAD and honestly cannot believe the results. It’s not that it’s necessarily far off from what I’ve always done or how I’ve always trained but consistently following this regimen has made me realize how important it is to go all in. 


When you think it’s not a big deal to skip a workout or eat a few more cheat meals in the week, the truth is that it all makes a difference. Phil’s program has actually taught me a lot about life in general; all the same rules apply, like when you want to slack off just a little bit on something important and convince yourself that you won’t pay for it (you’re wrong). Small steps, day after day, (AKA consistency) is what will separate your normal from your greatness. I know it sounds super dramatic for a workout routine, but if you’ve ever transformed your body before, you will realize how dedicated you truly have to be to achieve success. The pride you feel being able to say you didn’t take any short cuts, you didn’t go on some crash diet or juice cleanse, will really make you realize what you are capable of. A lot of people will vouch that physically changing your body can be one of the most difficult and grueling things you can take on, and a lot of people give up half way through.


I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in this program so far – and the workouts don’t get easier, they actually get harder. But as your body changes, your mindset will too, until you feel truly unstoppable.