The skin routine that keeps me clear 95% of the time


When I first started my Instagram account, it was solely for the purpose of building up my real estate business, and to help get my name out there. As I started to share more of what I’m passionate about, it became obvious to all of you pretty quickly just how absolutely obsessed I am with skincare!


I’ve been trying to get my skin to cooperate with me since I was about 16 years old. It’s never been out of control but just a lot less perfect than I’d like. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I am not formally educated on this topic. I didn’t go to school for it (although I am a trained MUA); I’m not a dermatologist (in another life); I am just someone who’s tried a million different things and found what works for MY skin.


I thought I would share my current routine with you, since it seems to keep my skin acting right and looking tight 95% of the time. There can be so much more involved that a lot of people don’t attribute to skin health, like: hormones, environmental damage, diet, dirty phones/pillow cases, and genetics. The trick is to find what your skin responds to and then pay attention to what makes it noticeably change. AKA: If I drink a lot of wine or have a lot of sugar, I usually have a break out the next day. 


Everyone’s skin is unique and will respond differently, but here is my current day and night routine:




Oilacleanse - Obagi ZO

Vitasccrub - Obagi ZO

C-Bright - Obagi ZO

H.A intensifier - skinceuticals

Brightenex - Obagi ZO

Banana bright eye cream - Ole Henricksen




Fomacleanse - Obagi ZO

Cebatrol pads - Obagi ZO (I use these 2x/week)

Daily power defense - Obagi ZO

Retmax - Obagi ZO

Banana Bright eye cream


It seems like a lot, I know. But it seems to work for me, and I like to switch it up sometimes and just cleanse and scrub to give my skin a break. I am also ADDICTED to Hydrafacials; I get theme done at Lougheed Laser, and the good news is if you’re a follower of mine they will give you 20% off your own hydrafacial – YAY! Also, be aware that your skin will change in its needs with the weather and seasons, so feel free to ask one of the ladies at Loughheed what they think is best (or ask me on DM!) They have suggested some products for me that have been skin-saving life changers. Tell me how it goes for you – I would love to see your results.