The Perfect Jean: because every other pair make me feel like a sausage casing

But seriously, I think it’s a universal truth that unless you’re Gigi Hadid, trying on jeans can be a complete pain in the ass (no pun intended). I’m not saying everyone has to look like THAT for jeans to look good, I’m just saying that most women aren’t built straight up and down, nor should they be. Like everyone, I’ve gone through the denim gamut of options: $400 pairs, $30 pairs, and everything in between. I’m convinced that mom jeans caught on so well because the whole style is based on them NOT being a perfect fit, so it works for everyone. 


I know I’m not an authority on denim by any means (but I am on makeup!), but these are just the  brands and styles I’ve found that work for a more athletic body type like mine: 


1. Alexander Wang 002 relaxed fit denim — ooo, baby. These are so nice; more of a boyfriend fit, but the wash and wear is amazing. They're really good quality denim that you can tell is just something special (plus everything Alexander Wang does makes me want to bow down). They are not cheap, but seriously they go with everything — sneakers, heels, booties. I’ve seen them on sale at Nordstrom a few times as well, so if you can get your paws on them, I’d highly suggest. 


2. Zara denim is surprisingly very flattering on me. I have a few pairs of $49 jeans from there with some stretch. These are my go-to jeans when I want a more snug fit to show off all the squats I’ve been doing. The wash in these can be hit or miss, black is always your best bet, but I also have a few pairs of dark wash denim that could pass for a $200 pair — they’re just harder to find.


3. Liya jeans by Citizen… whoever owns a pair of these knows exactly what I’m talking about. These jeans are AMAZING. If you ever scroll through community closet on Facebook, you know there are a lot of other women who also agree they are amazing. The high waist button fly just does something to you that makes you never want to buy another pair again. At about $425 you may not be ABLE to buy another pair again anyways — but, if you’re going to blow that kind of money on something, make it these jeans. Again, a bit of a boyfriend fit but incredibly flattering and they do stretch out in time so make sure you go down a size!


At the end of the day, it's all about good fit and great wash. Hell, I have two or three pairs of used men’s jeans because they just look better! Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing, just make sure they fit your body properly and that you feel fresh to death.

Elisha Sander