Do it now, or regret it forever: why you should look after your skin BEFORE it starts to age.

If you’ve ever made the mistake of asking me about skin care or skin treatments, you’ve probably had to listen to me talk non-stop about what products I’ve tried and like and what I currently do and use. My obsession with skin started way back when I was about 15. I always had decent skin but compared to my sister Delaney, it was shit. Delaney had perfect skin, and she still does – no pores, no breakouts… I completely hated her perfect face. (but love her with all my heart).


I wanted my skin to look the same, so I started trying out all different products for acne, and soon realized I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide (which is in practically every single acne treatment cream ever made). I experimented with different lines until I came across Dermalogica. It’s a gentle line and as a hormonal young girl, it worked really well. At, I became so enthralled with learning about skin that I started working at a medical aesthetic clinic in Calgary. I manned the front desk and asked the technicians more questions than they wanted to answer. The anti-aging industry fascinated me and I wanted to know what made people want to take care of their skin at a young age. I remember young girls coming in for Botox and learning that it wasn’t just for women of a certain age – but more of a preventative measure that people took to slow the aging process down, before it even starts.


I have always been deeply obsessed with health. At 17, I thought I wanted to be a body-builder because I became extremely interested in how the science of diet and exercise worked, and how by manipulating small factors, you can completely change your body, mind, and look. I did not become a body-builder. I don’t know if you can tell by this point that I have a pretty obsessive personality. My point is, I had understood anti-aging and health, but realized there is a LOT more to learn when it comes to skin.


At 21, I moved to Vancouver and started working as a regional educator for a make-up line called Jane Iredale; which was sold in medical offices so throughout this job, I got to know most of the clinics in and around Vancouver. Injections, lasers, chemical peels, retinols, hyaluronic acid, and everything in-between – I was learning about all of it. I always say if I could go back to 19, I would have gone to school to be a Dermatologist. I know it’s not too late, but I also love what I do now.


I’ve tried most procedures available at this point: IPL, laser hair removal, peels, fractional lasers, etc. I take something away from each experience, and bank it for when I inevitably open my own clinic one day!


I recently went to Lougheed laser center for the first time, to try one of my favorite treatments, the hydra-facial. A combination of dermabrasion, hydration, and exfoliation, the hydra-facial is designed to unclog pores, remove excess dirt and dead skin, and leave your face smooth and clean. It replenishes skin with hyaluronic and amino acid and peptides to prevent skin from dying out during the treatment. You instantly notice results.


Not only was the treatment amazing, but the staff of all women were the nicest, most helpful people I’ve met in the industry. They have two different locations and if you’re looking for info on what you can do to improve your skin or want to try the amazing hydra-facial, I’d recommend giving them a call! Then give me a call, and tell me how good you look.