The resurgence of small purses: why boho bags are out and handbags are in


I was the #1 fan of huge suitcase-like bags, when they were in style. The bigger the bag, the cooler you looked (thanks a lot, Mary-Kate and Ashley olsen). I’m pretty sure that’s why my shoulder and back are in bad shape – all in the name of fashion.


I know that style is subjective, and you can wear whatever the hell you want, but I’ve noticed a definite shift towards small bags and backpacks. The day I can afford the tiny Louis Vuitton backpack I’m sure it will have gone out of style and come back again, but it’s still on my wish list!


I started carrying a little bag since my job entails a lot of running around and a lot of getting in and out of the car, so a small bag is easy for me to throw on my shoulder or across my body and get going.


I recently picked up this little coach bag that I love. Coach has really changed their style and stepped up their game lately. This bag is perfect for work but also to go for dinner, and… wait, no that’s pretty much all I do: Eat. 


Wear whatever you want, people, but little bags are IN. 

Elisha Sander