About Elisha

Ever since I was young, I've had a passion for helping people reach their goals. Growing up in a highly entrepreneurial family in Calgary, Alberta instilled in me a desire to one day run my own business where I could share this passion. 


But first, the stage! I've worked as a professional hip hop dancer, a certified makeup artist and as an actor — I guess you could say I'm a natural-born performer. After completing my Bachelor of Communications at U of C, I set out on a journey of discovering how best to combine my knack for helping people with my relentless creativity. While moonlighting at my stepdad's contracting firm, I was surprised to find my answer: real estate. 

A move to Vancouver in 2012 sealed the deal —  today you'll find me jumping out of bed each morning, ready to help people achieve their home owner goals. This blog is a place for you to get to know me (my style, my passions, my network), while also getting to know the Vancouver marketplace. I hope you find something inspiring here, or at least informative. And if nothing else, I hope to provide a few good laughs.